TV Tonight: Shows You Don't Want to Miss

Dunder MifflinIt’s Thursday night, and you know what that means – all sorts of must-see TV! I mean, after Grey’s Anatomy’s season-ending emotional annihilation, who can resist tuning in to see the aftermath? And am I the only one rooting for The Shat on Shat My Dad Says, which capitalizes on the nerd audience by coming on right after the Big Bang Theory?
Stop the madness! The Stir is here to help. Here are the highlights and no-lights for Thursday’s TV viewing. Just relax, put your feet up, and … ack! Where’s the remote?!


Watch Live:
8 p.m. EST

Community, NBC
Why watch? They don’t call it “must-see TV” for nothing. NBC still has a stranglehold on Thursday night excellence. If you haven’t been watching this smarter-than-it-looks college comedy, try it out – even if you don’t like the dreamy Joel McHale (from The Soup), you’ll love Abed and Troy, the quirkiest sitcom duo since Will & Grace’s Jack and Karen.
8:30 p.m. EST
30 Rock, NBC
Why watch? Frankly, you might want to watch and DVR this one (or just check out my five funniest lines recap tomorrow) – because the hilarity among Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and the rest of the cast moves so fast, catching it all can be like trying to catch a bucket of ping-pong balls.

9 p.m. EST

The Office, NBC
Why watch? Because this could be Steve Carell’s final season! Whether it is or it isn’t, don’t you want to see Pam attempt an office prank, and see who the new office member might be? You know you can’t resist. Just like you can’t help sniffing your photocopies when they come out of the machine.
Flip Back and Forth:
9 p.m. EST

Why Flip? It’s not necessary, in my opinion, to see yet another redo of the old “ooh, lookit the cool spy gear” meme. (What city are we in, again?) But everyone’s going to be talking about Justin Bieber’s acting debut. You’ve gotta see the hair in action.
9 p.m. EST

Real Housewives of DC, Bravo
Why Flip? You don’t want to really dirty yourself by committing to watching this freakfest… but after reading about the real-life drama behind the new iteration of the Bravo mainstay, even I can’t resist. (Please, who am I kidding. I never resisted. But I’m not proud of myself!)

Set the DVR:
8:30 p.m. EST

$#*! My Dad Says, CBS
Why Wait? A show based on a Twitter feed may sound annoying, but frankly I’ve found myself won over by the charm of the creator, Justin Halpern – and its star, William Shatner. I’m giving it a shot, but not a front-row seat.
9 p.m. EST
Grey’s Anatomy, ABC
Why Wait? Hey. Do I look stupid? I’ve been burned before. If anything even vaguely nightmare-inducing happens, I want to be able to fast-forward. Ya dig?
Skip Altogether:
9:30 p.m. EST

Outsourced, NBC
Why The Hate? I get it. The economy sucks. Our jobs are going overseas. Brown people are silly. Forgive me if I just don’t feel this one.

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