No Verizon iPhone After All ... And I'm Ecstatic


Dream on, Verizon customers.

You poor Verizon people. I can only imagine the news that Verizon will not be getting the iPhone next year after all has left you feeling the same way I did when I finally learned the truth about Santa, and the 2008 election results. Deflated. Especially when the rumors about a Verizon iPhone seemed so real when they circulated just three months ago.

But, alas, there's no denying the comments made by Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg today to a bunch of big-wig investors that his customers won't be using the Apple iPhone any time soon. Something about 2012 was bantered around, but the wait could be even longer.

The Verizon prez offered a bunch of techity-tech 4G network this-and-that, which goes way beyond my 8th grade computer lab education, so I won't even try to understand the reasons why it's not happening.

But one thing I AM desperately trying to understand ... why I'm so jump-in-the-air happy about this.


Oh, I'm madly and passionately in love with my iPhone, don't get me wrong. I've even been known to kiss it from time to time. And, the more I analyze this, I'm guessing that that's my reason ... because now all of us beleaguered AT&T diehards get to keep our iPhones. All. To. Ourselves. Because now we get to remain the "special people" and the rest of you will continue to remain ... the others.

As in any relationship, it's all about sacrifice. We know ours is the crappier network. How could we not? You remind us about that all the time. We are fully aware and downright jealous of you, never knowing the feeling of getting beat up by a cranky customer service agent or experiencing the emotional trauma of a dropped call.

But we will continue to put up with all that crap because we love our iPhones THAT MUCH.

And you still don't have one.

Are you upset with the news that the Verizon iPhone will be delayed? Will you switch networks to get one?

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