Courtney Love Looks Less Terrifying Than Usual

You know how some celebrities show up for an event and everyone goes insane over how amazing they look because they're always rocking the high fashion and earning top marks in the "Who Wore It Best" pages and everyone just loves to see what they're going to wear next?

And then there's someone like Courtney Love, who recently attended the 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' premiere and earned a collective, "Huh, for once she actually doesn't resemble a drug-addicted pile of crazysauce. Well . . . good on her, I guess."

Ah, poor Courtney. I'd feel sorrier for her, except she typically looks like this. Or, um, this. Or—shudderTHIS.


Which is to say, it was kind of a shock to see her in a sleek simple dress, with her hair combed and apparently free of vomit, and her various plastic surgery disasters settled back down into something that doesn't look like a page from Michael Jackson Monthly.

Could this be the beginning of Courtney's re-joining of the human race? I mean, maybe she's trying to improve her image after that meltdown she had on Twitter a while back where she spent the day after her daughter Frances Bean's 18th birthday ranting to her child in front of all 58,000 followers, saying things like:

beyond the obviopus heartache why are you trying to desperatly to ruin my life and reputation?

was that thearpist right? why do u want to ruin my personal life?

youve done a dammed good job frances of destroying anything i could build that is positive, and i want to know why now that your of age

why would you leave me and my life in tatters like this and get angrier and angrier to justify it, i feel you missing me and i miss you too

Her Twitter account now seems to be mostly a series of posted photos, which may be a step up reputation-wise from the crass, unbalanced things she used to—

Oh. Wait. Nevermind.

Well, still, she DID look pretty good at the Wall Street premiere. What do you think, lucky night? Or is Courtney Love finally cleaning up her act?

Image via S_Eck

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