Tampa Bay Rays' DJ Kitty in the House!

catI'm a die-hard Yankees fan, but when I saw this YouTube video of DJ Kitty, I almost jumped ship.

It's the Tampa Bay Rays' secret weapon to clinching the pennant ...

Kitt-eh in the house!


Okay, so DJ Kitty isn't going to be out on the baseball field spinning between catching fly balls, but he is their new marketing gimmick in hopes of boosting the currently not-so-hot attendance numbers. So far, DJ Kitty has scratched (heh) records in two online videos: the first being "Jump" by The Movement, the second being Gucci Mane's "Wasted." 

So why would they use a cat instead of a devil ray, being that the ray is their official mascot? Um, because rays don't have arms to spin turntables. Duh.

As cute as this cat is, I gotta say, he looks really pissed. He's got that same look on his face that my cat gives me when I try to play with him and he just wants to sleep. I call it the "FML Look." Bet PETA is gonna rip the marketing genius behind this a new one. And I bet that cat clawed the hell out of its owner while he slept at night.

But, for those of us who are easily amused and enjoy the simple things in life, like musical-playing cats in baseball uniforms, it works.

What do you think of this video? Do you think it's cute or cat torture?


Image via YouTube.com

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