Did 'Glee' Just Get Even Gayer?

glee is gayHooray for Glee! The first show of the season proved the gang could still go back to being uncool and make it work. Like pushing a great big reset button, the glee kids are struggling for acceptance and to find that perfect song.

While Glee is a great big ol' Friend of Dorothy, it seems the season premiere pushed the envelope even further, bringing in the gay in unexpected moments. Since gay is defined as a merry, lively mood, this means we were having a merry, lively evening catching up with our favorite Gleeks. Yes? Yes!

The gayest moments of Glee:


Coach Beiste

I'm already calling her out as my new favorite cast member. The depth of Dot Jones' performance as the new football coach caught me off-guard, as the gut-kicking moments on Glee often do. With or without her layered performance, the lady coach is bringing the gay!

Finn and Sam's Shower Scene

There's no way around the gay in a locker room shower scene. Having Sam singing a Poison tune did not un-gay the gayness. Finn watching and wanting to speak to him makes me think there may be another boy crushing on the straight Finn again this season. And, um, is Finn 100% hetero? Not so sure about that, Mister Former-Quarterback.

Finn and Sam's Exchanged Glance

Even during the super-hetero "Empire State of Mind" number, Finn catches Sam checking him (them? unclear) out and Finn likes it.


Just Kurt. We all know and love him, and yes he is gay. Not any more or less gay than last year. It would just be a shame not to mention Chris Colfer, the Emmy-nominated cast member. Go Kurt!

Broadway Tunes & Travie McCoy

I know they have to go there, and Sunshine's "Listen" from Dreamgirls was incredible, if you're into that kind of thing. Followed by Rachel's A Chorus Line diddy, it seemed like a little too much Great White Way for the evening. While it seems like a Travie McCoy tune would be a counterpoint to a Broadway tune -- gay-wise, not so much. Sam's rendition of "Billionaire" was way more gay than Sunshine's show tune.

Did you love last night's Glee?


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