Finally, Someone Says No to Paris Hilton

Paris HiltonFor the past couple of months, Paris Hilton has been parading around the world with drugs, getting caught here and there, but with no real consequences.

Even her most recent drug bust in Las Vegas is likely to land her with little more than a fine, some community service, and probation after a plea bargain.

So why would Paris just say no, when no one says no to her?

Oh, but finally someone has ...



So not exactly a someone, but immigration authorities there WON'T LET HER INTO THEIR COUNTRY.

Now we're talking tough love.

She has reportedly been detained at Narita Airport and questioned by authorities about her recent drug charges. And she's still there.

Sources told RadarOnline that Princess Paris is "devastated" and "beyond upset."

Of course she is, because she was there to promote all her purses, shoes, and other products, and now she can't. Incidentally, did you know there's also to be an entire Paris Hilton store in Indonesia opening?

Talk about a reason to just say no ...

The best part of this story comes from a write-up in the San Jose Mercury News that says it wasn't just drugs that authorities grilled Hilton about during the session that lasted "for hours."

"The rest of the time was spent trying to get to the bottom of this whole 'So, again, why are you famous in America?' thing."

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Those Japanese, they don't mess around.

Perhaps we could start sending of our other wayward young stars their way so that someone might finally say no to them too.

Lindsay Lohan would be a good start.

Do you think this incident in Japan will be the wake-up call Paris Hilton needs to clean up her act?

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