Kate Gosselin: Magazine Covers Vs. Reality

Kate Gosselin was recently featured on the cover of People magazine, showing off her toned bod and crediting near-daily runs for her enviable fitness level. I have no doubt Kate works hard to maintain her newly-sleek physique, but here's another handy tip for hiding those pesky figure flaws:


Also, make sure there's some righteous airbrushing involved after your photo shoot.


Oh, poor Kate, who was caught in a relaxed moment on her recent Cabo trip with "bodyguard" Steve Neild. That lower abdomen she's sporting is definitely familiar to anyone who's had one kid, much less eight. I call mine the Sharpei Belly, and while I can't say I love the crinkled look, I do take comfort in knowing that in emergency situations I can use it to entertain my kids by making origami animals from the extra skin.

(Note to Kate: other handy uses for a wrinkly post-baby belly include using it to store your car keys, using it as a teaching aid when discussing elephants, and deploying it as a flotation device in the case of a water landing.)

I have to admit, I kind of like Kate a little bit more after seeing that image. For one thing, there's something oddly soothing about knowing there's only so much plastic surgery can do (although I am faintly disturbed by the unnatural appearance of her navel). Maybe it's that I can relate to her a little more, knowing that we both have a fallen soufflé under our shirts.

Or maybe it's just nice to be reminded that what we see on magazine covers rarely reflects reality.

People love to give Kate Gosselin crap for her focus on her personal appearance, but I say good on her. For someone who was once the size of an actual Orca whale—hey, no judgements here, she did have six human beings on board at the time—she looks fantastic. Wrinkles and all.

Image via People.com

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