Jasmine Villegas, Beware of Bieber Fans

justin bieberI wouldn't be surprised if Jasmine Villegas has a bottle thrown into her window tonight with a note created from newspaper clippings with the threat, "Leave Justin Bieber alone. Or else."

She supposedly kissed the Biebs. And his crazy pre-pubescent fans have turned into a tweeting frenzy.

Poor girl never stood a chance.


Run Jasmine. Run to a new town. Change your name. Hire a bodyguard. Enter a witness protection program.They will come after you.

The Biebs sure has been getting his mack on lately. First Hooters girls, now he's been caught making out with the hot chick who's opening for his tour. You'd think he was a 16-year-old boy or something. Oh wait, he is? And he still has that squeaky voice? I'm old.

Old yet, apparently, still in middle school because I'm talking about how OMG! Did you hear? Justin kissed Jasmine! And now they're dating!

But that one grainy, blurry photo in the back of Honda has generated this kind of response:

twitter Breaking hearts everywhere.


And then there's the truly crazy ones:

And yes, I bleeped out a word that should not be in a 14-year-old's vocabulary
And these are just from the last 45 minutes. Like I said, Jasmine, girl you better be watching your back.

Is your teen/tween upset by the news? Are you? (Feel free to answer the latter anonymously).


Image via jake.auzzie/Flickr

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