Mel Gibson's Even More Deranged Than We Thought

Hey, remember Mel Gibson? Racist angry drunk dude who went all batshit crazy on his ex-girlfriend and left her like a thousand horrible voicemails that got posted to Oh, and I guess he did some movies once upon a time or something?

Well, TMZ has reportedly managed to unearth even more communications between Mel and his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. This time a new version of Mel surfaces, a seemingly contrite, apologetic guy who tries to explain away his behavior by talking about how upset he is.

In one email, sent from Gibson's phone nearly two months after he allegedly struck her and damaged her teeth, he wrote:


"I really am losing my grip.  I desperately need a solution.  Sorry it has to affect you.  I can't stand anything any more ... I'm stuck."

He continued,

"I try to be ok but it overpowers me & i'm something I don't want to be.  It's a primal scream thing.  The pain is too great & everywhere I turn is making it heavier.  Oh to have peace!  Oh to have joy.  Oh to be able to provide it for another.  I'm a f**king failure."

In yet another email dated March 7, 2010, he wrote,

"I felt a high degree of agitation in you when u left tonight.  I'm sorry.  I guess I'm in a process of being torn down so I can rebuild."

Mel also sent Oksana an email after their January 7 domestic incident, asking, "How's your tooth?" An hour later he sent one more that read, "I want to tell you how uspeakably [sic] sorry I am."

I have to say, I felt sick when I heard some of those voicemails, but these emails are maybe even worse. His outbursts and sniveling, apologetic follow-ups are classic signs of the cycle of abuse, and not that there was any remaining doubt about Mel's unstable, dangerous personality ... but if there was? Man, these emails should clinch it.

Why his Hollywood friends continue to stand by his side in the face of all this is beyond me. This is more than a brief transgression or out of character behavior slip, this is an abusive, sick man who should admit he has a problem, and get the help he needs.

What's your take on the whole Mel controversy? Do you think you'll ever watch him in a movie again?

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