'Playboy' & 'The Jersey Shore': Which Cast Member Is Baring It All?

jersey shore playboyWhich one of the guidettes from Jersey has been asked to pose for Playboy? I know, I know -- we've already seen it all, but this time the pixels will be removed to reveal yet another reality star trying to see how much more she can share with the American public.

Is it Snooki? Angela -- the Staten Island Dump? Sammi, for revenge on Ronnie? Or JWoww -- the aspiring fashion designer specializing in street walker couture?

No matter which lady is posing for the lad mag, porn is a career move that would actually be beneficial for all of these Jersey Shore gals.


JWoww will be stripping down for Playboy, as long as the two entities can make a deal. The Jersey Shore star says they're talking $400,000 for a spread, but nothing is in writing as of this moment. (One possible wrinkle involves an MTV contract.)

While a lot of women in entertainment avoid doing work that results in being seen as a hunk of meat and consider Playboy a bad career move, this is a huge step up for JWoww.

First, a stylist will work her magic on JWoww's extensions/hair/wig and improve that situation hanging down her back.

Next, JWoww will be scantily clad in a more attractive manner than she is on TV. I guarantee you Jenny's going to look some kind of pretty.

Finally, JWoww will be presented to the world as a legitimate "celebrity" catching the attention of non-Jersey Shore fanatics everywhere, thus sealing her fate as a famous person.

It's a win-win-win for JWoww. Well played, guidette!

Will you pick up Playboy's JWoww issue?


Image via MTV

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