'Glee' Spoilers: Which Celebrity Guest Stars Will Gleek Out?

glee season premiere spoilersGlee premieres tomorrow night kids! So grab a slushie and warm up your vocal chords for another fantastic year with the club. Is anyone else dying over the "Empire State of Mind" number? I am. DYING.

While the trailer gives away a few new bits of Glee news, there are more surprises to come this season. If you're not afraid of spoilers, then read on to see what's going to happen this year at McKinley High.


More Tributes!

We've already heard about the Britney Spears tribute episode, which is awesome. Even more exciting, the Glee kids are taking on The Rocky Horror Picture Show for a genius Halloween episode. Also rumors are swirling around a George Michael tribute episode. Seriously -- so much material to choose from, I can see it now: Another will they or won't they lose their virginity to "I Want Your Sex."

Kurt & Mercedes Will Find Love

And this time, not with each other. Creator Ryan Murphy wants to find a nice normal boy for Kurt, which I love. Kurt and another fabulous dude would be too much, and he really can't keep falling for straight boys. Mercedes also deserves some attention.

New Cast Members

Super-excited about John Stamos as Emma's love dentist, but another cast member who proves to be fascinating is the new lady football coach: Coach Beiste. Anyone who can rattle Sue Sylvester is going to be a welcome addition on set. A Justin Bieber'ish guy played by Chord Overstreet is also set to play a hot football player who's got the singing bug -- and just might be Kurt's new romance.

Celebrity Guest Stars

We also already know about singing star Charice, the 18-year-old Botox fan who will play an exchange student to rival Rachel; but who else is up the Glee sleeve? Susan Boyle as the lunch lady is a delicious probability. Zac Efron has said he would love to stop by the set for a number or two. Miranda Cosgrove has been hanging out with the Glee kids as well, so maybe the iCarly star will drop by for a scene. With The Rocky Horror Picture Show episode, Susan Sarandon may drop in, but my money is on Tim Curry.

While nothing has been confirmed, we can only hope for many Glee-peat appearances for Kristin Chenoweth and Neil Patrick Harris.


The first episode fills us in on the exciting news that Nationals will take place in New York. But as we all know, New Directions doesn't always win. However, there will be a very special episode that takes place in NYC, as the season finale is set at nationals -- if the Glee kids make it or not.

Are you watching Glee tomorrow?


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