Brandon Jacobs Throws Helmet, Channels Inner Toddler

brandon jacobs helmetI'll be the first to admit that last night's Giants vs. Colts football game (aka "The Manning Bowl") was brutal. Peyton mopped the floor with his little bro's team, with the final score being 38-14 (yowza!). But other than watching my fantasy team rack up the points thanks to Peyton and Colts' running back Joseph Addai, the second most amusing moment of the night was when Brandon Jacobs channeled his inner toddler and hurled his helmet into the stands.

It landed 10 years into the stands -- his helmet gained more yardage than he did.


"It was a mistake," Jacobs said. "The whole world could be falling down on me and I wouldn't mean to do that. Anybody who knows me knows I wouldn't do that on purpose."

Sure, flinging your helmet can completely be an accident. I'm constantly shot-putting heavy items into the air. But Jacobs wasn't the only one acting like a brat that night. The lucky Colts fans who managed to catch the helmet without getting nailed upside the head didn't want to give it up to security.

I love how the baby screams out as soon as the staff member tries to take the helmet away. Hilariously perfect timing.

Unfortunately for the fan, they managed to pry his fingers from the helmet to give back to Jacobs, who may or may not wear it again -- depending on how the rumored trading talks go down today. Regardless if he dons a Giants jersey or some other team's next Sunday, I'm thinking that he should still be put in time-out and benched for at least one game.

Did you watch the game? What do you think about the Jacobs incident? Think he should be punished?


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