Russell Brand Gets Arrested; Good for Him!

Russell BrandRussell Brand was arrested at LAX airport yesterday for allegedly going after some paparazzi.

He was charged with misdemeanor battery, according to TMZ, who has a video of the incident.

While physical violence is rarely a good option, in this case, it was at least a gallant one. And besides, he barely pushed the guys ... and they deserved it.

The reason he went after them wasn't just because he didn't feel like getting his picture taken.

The reason, the otherwise seemingly peaceful Brand started pushing?


Because the paparazzi was supposedly trying to take pictures up the skirt of his fiance, Katy Perry!

"If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me." Perry tweeted.

While the law may not see it the same way, in my book that's justifiable assault, if true.

How dare they?

I'm quick to defend the paparazzi in general. While they may go to extreme, obnoxious measures to get their shots, their shots also help celebrities sell tickets, albums, products and anything they promote.

In most cases, celebrities need to stop whining about paparazzi and accept them as part of the fame game.

But this -- trying to get a shot up a woman's skirt -- that's inexcusable. If anyone tried to take a picture up my skirt, I'd hope my husband would do what Brand did ... and more.

While the video doesn't capture anyone trying to shoot up Katy's skirt, if proven true, the paparazzi should be charged instead of Brand.

And I wish Brand had gotten a great shot of his own  ... right to that photog's too-nosey nose.

A court hearing is set for October 15.

Do you think Russell Brand was justified in punching this member of the paparazzi? Would you want your husband or fiance to do the same?

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