Tim Gunn Is Right! Suri Cruise Is a Fashion Victim!

Suri CruiseNo one is safe from Project Runway fury, aka Tim Gunn, apparently not even toddlers. He recently took a blast at Taylor Momsen (not surprised), as well as Lindsay Lohan (yawn), but then he turned his unforgiving tailored suit sights on the mini fashionista, Suri Cruise.

Suri, you've been blasted by the Gunn!

But you know what, all he did was bring up the big white designer elephant in the room that's been cruising around since Suri learned to walk in high heels at the ripe age of 2.

“Suri is, she’s her mother and father’s dress up doll and I feel in many ways she’s a fashion victim and it’s just very inappropriate. I think it’s unsafe too. She’s a little kid and [she’s] tottering around on these stilettos or quasi stilettos. It’s really inappropriate and I feel bad for her in a manner of speaking."

You're so right, Tim. We feel bad for her, too. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. Pink and purple ... really?
  2. Baby blankets and Mr. Bear, like, sooo do not go with Chanel.
  3. You demanded this dress? Really? Come on Suri, we expected better from you. 
  4. Having your skin covered in tattoos was so last year (blame Bombshell McGee for ruining that trend for everyone).
  5. Mom and daughter matching? Twinsies are only cute when you're under the age of 4. 
  6. Oh honey, that lipstick is just all sorts of wrong. You never want to match your lipstick hue exactly to your dress. 
  7. Real fashionistas wear heels of at least 4 inches -- raise 'em up, girlfriend.

Adorable Suri, we think you always look great and have impeccable taste, but, we'd love to see you be a 4-year-old that's not going on 20.

Do you agree with Tim Gunn or do you think he should keep his mouth shut when it comes to tots?


Image via Splash News

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