The Situation Is a Marketing Genius -- Yes, I Just Said That

The SituationI hate what I'm about to say. In fact, I think as soon as I type it, I'm going to have to go fiercely scrub my hands with soap. As dumb as the Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino acts on the reality show, the guy is sure as hell business-savvy.

He knows how to market himself, tapping into his train-wreck GTL-ing personality that we are so entertained by (for those that aren't trained in Jersey Shore lingo, GTL stands for gym, tanning, laundry -- a typical afternoon for our favorite shore crew). Just this year alone, he's expected to make $5 million after his vodka-endorsement, stint on DWTS, and other appearances. $5 million!

Sure he's ridiculous, but he's a millionaire that's ridiculous.

And guess what his latest project is ...


An iPhone app. A GTL-finding, grenade-dodging, workout-planning application.

What more do you need?

Start your Saturday afternoon with help from the GTL-finder, using GPS to find the nearest gym, tanning salon, and laundromat in your area. While at the gym, use the photographic (which I can only assume to be close-ups of his abs) demonstrations to help you get your own six-pack, and then prep for a fist-pumping night out with a game of Grenade Dodger, all while listening to The Situation's catchphrases we've grown to love.

And here I thought Apple was trying to become more strict about their applications.

The app is only $5, a steal if you think about all of the grenade practice and ab workouts that you'll undoubtedly receive.

Like I said, the dude's a marketing genius.

What do you think of his iPhone application? Would you buy it (if nothing more for the entertainment value)? Do you think he's smart when it comes to marketing himself?


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