Shelley Malil: From '40-Year-Old Virgin' to Scary Psychopath

40 year old virginWhat's actor Shelley Malil been doing since 40-Year-Old Virgin (in which he played one of Steve Carell's electronic store co-workers, Haziz)? Apparently acting like a scary psychopath.

Malil has been convicted of attempted premeditated murder of his ex-girlfriend for stabbing her more than 20 times during a quarrel at her home. The victim, Kendra Beebe, said she feared that the jury would have been swayed by Malil's fame and acting ability. But she shouldn't have worried given his crappy line of defense.


It came out in the trial that Malil brought a kitchen knife to Beebe's home where he found her there with another man -- David Maldonado. He testified that he felt threatened and thought Maldonado was going to kill him:

"I don't know what it was, but someone was hitting me with something and all I had was this knife and I just went bananas with the thing."

According to his testimony, he used the knife in self-defense, not realizing he was stabbing Beebe.

Which might have been believable -- if he hadn't stabbed her more than 20 times! And if he hadn't described her to the jury as "as a violent drama queen who manipulated men and tried to make them jealous." That "mistake" will cost him 16 years behind bars.

As if this story wasn't depressing and disturbing enough, there's another odd aspect to the trial: One of the jurors was dismissed after sending the judge the following note.

"I believe in karma and believe that the victim deserved this because of her immoral lifestyle."

At least that person was honest about their inability to be impartial. Suffice it to say that juror probably wasn't a fan of Malil's most well-known movie.


Image via Universal Studios

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