Kid Rock Inducted Into Rock 'n' Roll Fist Fight Hall of Fame

kid rock fist fight tommy leeKid Rock testified today in court that he did, indeed, punch Tommy Lee backstage at the VMAs in 2007. How does such a social faux pas get dredged up again at this late date?

Because Kid (allegedly) can't keep his hands to himself, and punched out someone else a few months later. Both fights were said to have begun over a lady. Yes, that lady -- Ms. Pamela Anderson.

While Tommy only got in a hat knock-off, Kid socked him in the face. But that shouldn't matter, according to Kid Rock in court today, because the two ex-Mr. Pam Andersons are buddies today.


If only all rock star fights could end so happily.

Regardless, Kid Rock and Tommy Lee are two of the newer members of the Rock 'n' Roll Fist Fight Hall of Fame.

They will proudly join the following rockers, who also can't seem to keep their hands on their axe, sticks, or mic.


Mick Jagger vs. Charlie Watts

The Grandaddy of the rock 'n' roll fist fight, beleaguered Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts apparently knows how to fight in style. While this story came out years after it allegedly happened, it's still incredibly satisfying to hear how a diva like Mick provoked "his drummer" into getting fully dressed and calmly walking to Mick's room to give him a good punch in the face.

Prince vs. Sinead O'Connor

While I'm not at all shocked that Sinead O'Connor might be willing to throw down at a moment's notice, I am wondering if Prince forgot all the lessons of Purple Rain: Hitting women is BAD, Prince. You should have gotten all your rage out on Maurice Day and left the Irish lass alone. Weirder still, Prince was apparently upset because during Sinead's press run with her cover of his "Nothing Compares 2 U," she used some bad language. I suppose she should have let her fists do the talking.

Jack White vs. Jason Stollsteimer

When the Von Bondies front man refused to engage in an argument (allegedly), The White Stripe's front man punched him, and good. These Detroit rockers showed that the mean streets do still exist in Motor City. The cause of the ruckus? Something about White being a rock god and Stollsteimer owing all his success to him, and ... blah, blah, blah.

Tommy Hilfiger vs. Axl Rose

How is it a fashion designer gets the hit in on a psycho rock legend? Apparently Tommy is jumpy, and as Rose pushed by the all-American, Hilfiger felt threatened. As Hilfiger said, he decided to punch Axl, "...before he could hit me." Wonder if he ever used that logic to one-up Calvin Klein? Oddly, like Rock and Lee, the pair are now reportedly friends. Dudes are weird.

Paris Hilton vs. Shanna Moakler

While Paris' attempt at being a recording artist can hardly be called rock 'n' roll, this physical girl fight was over Blink-182's Travis Barker, so I'm calling it. Apparently Moakler saw Paris sitting in a tree and k-i-s-s-i-n-g Barker. This caused Moakler to punch the Hilton, and Hilton's ex, Stavros Niarchos, to pour a drink on her, and maybe throw her down the stairs. What makes this scene even crazier? It was witnessed by cast members of Dancing With the Stars.

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