Is Brittney Jones Ashton Kutcher's Latest Fling?

Star magazineUh oh. This scenario sounds all too familiar. One girl comes out and says that she had an affair with a famous actor. And then another one is revealed. Pretty soon, the sex dam is broken and a whole slew of ladies come forward. Happened to Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and now ... Ashton Kutcher?!


Granted the "source" is Star magazine, so it's not exactly being reported by the NY Times here. But, if memory serves me correctly, that's exactly how the Jesse James sex scandals began ... and look at what that turned into.

A few weeks ago, Star reported that Ashton was seen "kissing and groping a hot young blonde by an out-of-the-way bathroom at Italian restaurant Madeo in L.A."

"Ashton had this gorgeous girl pinned against the wall, and he was totally making out with her," the source told Star. "I was shocked to see him sucking face with a girl who obviously wasn't Demi."

Ashton took to Twitter (because, well, that's what he does), immediately denying the story. Fast-forward two weeks and lo and behold, there's another one. This time, it's a 21-year-old named Brittney Jones who met Ashton while he, Demi, and Rumer were bowling. The ballsy chick sneakily handed him her phone number on a napkin (in front of his wife?!), which led to text messages, which led to them getting freaky deaky on Ashton and Demi's couch while Demi was away.

I don't feel that this story has an ounce of truth in it, but I also remember saying those exact words about Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. I guess time (and a bunch of whores coming out of the woodwork) will tell.

What do you think? Do you think Ashton cheated on Demi or do you think this is just tabloids trying to sell magazines?


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