Michelle "Bombshell" McGee: I'm No Nazi

mcgeeMichelle "Bombshell" McGee wants you to know that she isn't a racist. Really, she isn't.

In an interview with radaronline, Jesse James' ex-lover discussed the "W" and "P" (for White Power) inked on the back of her legs. And the swastika imprinted in a secret place that she claims was really, really small. (Apparently size does matter.)

As expected, the tattoo model has an explanation for all of her bigoted ink:


She grew up in a small, lily-white town and her community was narrow minded so she didn't know anyone of a different race and didn't know any better.

Gee. I have friends who'd grown up in teeny towns without a hint of racial diversity and remarkably, they never had any racist tats. And you know what? They're offended by her too. This is hardly the teenage misadventure that she's trying to make it out to be.

But let's be fair. People do really dumb things when they're kids and shouldn't be penalized their entire life for it. And it's true that she has since covered over the swastika and seems remorseful.

So when did McGee lose me? She posed in a Nazi suit and swastika arm band when she was an adult and explained it away with this:

“It’s just a character. It’s just a role… It was just a costume that I put on."

She goes on to compare her photo shoot to Tom Cruise's portrayal of a Nazi in Valkyrie  and Edward Norton's skinhead character in American History X.

Um ... not so much.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....

Next thing you know she'll be photographed with a sheet on her head next to a burning cross with the excuse that she was walking in the woods with Mel Gibson and a tablecloth dropped on her head.

Do you believe it when McGee claims that she isn't a racist?

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