'NFL Today' Star Shannon Sharpe: More Creepy Sports Harassment?

Right on the heels of accusations about sports reporter Ines Sainz being harassed by New York Jets coaches and players comes another icky story from the sports industry.

On Thursday, a woman named Michele Bundy was granted a temporary restraining order against former NFL player and football analyst Shannon Sharpe. Bundy says Sharpe forced her to have sex with him, has threatened her life, and is conducting surveillance of her.

Documents filed show that Sharpe was ordered not to come within 200 yards of the woman and not to have any contact with her or her family.


CBS says ex-Denver Bronco and Baltimore Raven Shannon Sharpe is "taking a break" as an analyst from NFL Today until the case is resolved. I'm glad he's off the air and hopefully not drawing a paycheck while this gets figured out, because these are definitely some incredibly disturbing accusations. Adding to Sharpe's negative press, The NY Post is reporting that there have been ten -- TEN! -- civil complaints filed against Sharpe since 1994, including a battery charge by the mother of one of his children.

It makes you wonder about the mindset of certain pro athletes who have spent their life being treated as invincible. Whether it's treating women like sex objects or taking things to an even more dangerous and unsettling level, it's hard not to think of this case in the light of many other sports celebrities who have behaved reprehensibly in the past.

If the accusations against Sharpe end up being true, let's hope he gets what he deserves. If they're not, well, I'm sure he'll bounce back. They always seem to.

What's your reaction to this latest sports star controversy?

Image via CBSSports

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