Snooki Channels Her Inner Britney Spears

SnookiWhen she's not tanning, excuse me, spray tanning (that darn Obama and his tan tax), Snooki is pretending she's Britney Spears. Lip syncing and all.


Snooki channels her inner pop princess by lip syncing to Britney's 1999 hit "Sometimes." Really? Out of all the 128 Britney songs, she picked that one? Lame.

Oh Snooki, always keeping us entertained. I love how it took her two verses to get her syncing on key (or do we have technical difficulties to blame?) and that she's doing the hand gestures along with it (giving even deaf people the ability to be annoyed be amused). But hey, at least her improvised microphone looks more real than my hairbrush.

I wonder how bored one has to be to make a video singing by herself and post it on YouTube? I will give her this though, she's a much better lip syncer than I ever will be -- I always screw up and accidentally let out a squeak of lyrics, especially on parts that are really intense ("You'll seeeee that, you're the only one for me!" -- yeah, I totally would've belted out on that line). Props, Snooks.

Crap. Now I have that awful song in my head.

It's Snooki bitch.


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