Celebrities Undercover: 5 Outrageous Disguises

Spencer PrattWhen you're a famous celebrity, you try your best to stand out fit into the crowd, and by golly if that means you have to wear an outrageous 'stache, then that's just what you do. Can't a guy walk to the store without being surrounded by paparazzi? Sheesh.

Unfortunately, some celebrities really suck at disguises (we're looking at you, Mel Gibson). The jig is up guys, we know it's you underneath that sombrero. Here are 5 of the most outrageous celebrity disguise attempts:


Spencer Pratt loves crashing parties. He's seen here attempting to crash the Inception premiere in an old man disguise back in July, and later that day, he tried to crash The Hills' series finale party in the same costume. Rookie mistake. Everyone knows you have to wear two different disguises if you are attempting to crash two parties in one day.


Quickly realizing that the Marilyn Monroe look was a FAIL, Paris Hilton resorted to hiding under her fur.

Paris hilton

Driving up and down Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles in a weird bakery truck, giving out t-shirts, and wearing a wig, glasses, and a 'stache that would put Groucho Marx to shame. Just another typical day for rocker Pete Wentz.

Pete Wentz

John Mayer channeling his inner Michael Jackson. Or bank robber.

John Mayer

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were trying to throw folks off by wearing mouse and rabbit ears. Nice try, twins! Don't think shades and dressing like furry woodland creatures will fool us.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Do you recognize any of these celebrities?


Images via Splash News, Junko Kimura/Getty

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