Extreme Diets: Should Celebrities Lie?

Beyoncé has confessed to using the Master Cleanse -- a delicious diarrhea-bomb of lemonade, maple syrup, water, and cayenne pepper -- to drop 20 pounds in two weeks.

Elizabeth Hurley swears by nothing for breakfast except hot water.

Carrie Underwood says she keeps her weight low by never going out to eat, ever.

Gwyneth Paltrow has said she uses laxatives to speed up her "elimination."

Mariah Carey once described her eating plan as: "Basically you can have a tiny bit of everything you want. When I'm really, really hungry I'll be like 'I need a morsel!' So they'll give just me whatever is there [on the plate], but it has to be less than a forkful."

When asked at the Grammys how she stays so slim, Kathy Griffin replied "frustration and starvation."


Well, I'll say one thing about these ridiculous stay-skinny methods: at least they're being honest. How many times have you read an interview with some size zero actress who claims she lives on cheeseburgers and ice cream? I mean, I know those people exist, but there's no way half of Hollywood has the natural metabolism of a coked-up hummingbird. I call big-time bullshit on stick-figure celebrities who say they never exercise, or that they burn calories by chasing their kids, or they, like, totally eat pizza, like, all the time.

On the other hand, what does it mean when an impressionable young girl reads that Gwyneth attributes her sylphlike figure to laxatives? What kind of message is it sending when we praise Carrie Underwood's physical attributes, which she can only maintain by never eating outside her house? How many women tried that freaking cleanse because they wanted Beyoncé's body?

I wonder what would happen if more actresses admitted how much effort it took to be the size they are, or the size they're trying to be. Maybe we'd start to see a culture shift away from idolizing underweight bodies.

Or maybe not, maybe we'd just see more copycat dieters out there, trying to follow in Britney's footsteps to get her abs.

Do you think it's better for a celebrity to admit to extreme diet methods, or deny they do anything at all?

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