JLo Is 'American Idol' Judge! What Will the Pop Diva Do First?

jennifer lopez american idol judgeThe rumors were not true -- Jennifer Lopez's demands were apparently not too much for the producers of American Idol as JLo has now signed on to be the third judge for the next season. Her paycheck? $12 million.

I wonder what Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler think of that superstar money?

Already the word is out that Jenny from the block is causing more trouble with her diva-licious ways. Is it that she only eats the green M&Ms? Her twins must have the chance to audition?

While we won't know what goes on behind the scenes of Idol (at least until a producer sells his tell-all), if I were a gambling woman, I'd put my money on these five changes Jennifer Lopez will institute on her first day on the bench:


1. Stage Switcheroo

Traditionally the contestants perform on the stage, as the judges sit with their backs to the audience. Yes, JLo has some back to show off, but she's not about to let those snot-nosed kids take the spotlight! Turn that set-up around, and let Jenny show the audience what star power is all about.

2. No More Strung Out Auditions

JLo needs her beauty sleep. If we only let five people per city audition, pick the best one, then start from there -- bam! Totally efficient and soul-sucking. Just like her last album.

3. Nightly Sing-Offs Between Steve & Jen

Now this one, I could actually get behind.

4. Veto Power

JLo doesn't care what America thinks, if the kid who always picks songs from Rebirth gets voted off, she's overriding until he wins the crown.

5. Every Thursday Is Marc Anthony Night

That guy's got to earn his keep.


Are you excited about the next season of American Idol?

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