Remembering Patrick Swayze: His 5 Best Movie Moments

Patrick SwayzeOh Patrick Swayze ... that man with the smooth moves sure is missed. There has definitely been a void in Hollywood over the last year that no man has yet been able to fulfill, even with Patrick incapacitated those last few years (I'll take Swayze over that dancing Efron kid any day).

Since this is the one-year anniversary since his passing, let's take a look back at some of his most iconic movie moments:


1. Dirty Dancing: Who didn't fall in love with the sexy bad boy dancer? Especially when he stood up to Jennifer Grey's character's daddy-o with the iconic line, "Nobody puts baby in the corner." That line still sends shivers up my spine and I may or may not know the choreography to the following dance:

2. Ghost: The sexiness of the famous pottery scene almost made me want to start a pottery class. "Unchained Melody" playing in the background, shirtless Swayze, oh my gawd.

3. SNL skit: Okay, so technically this isn't a movie, but we couldn't not include the hilarious Chippendale's skit done by Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley. I like to think they're still dancing to Loverboy ... wherever they are.

4. Red Dawn: You're a real hunter, no a real man, if you drink deer blood, as seen in this scene from '80s flick, Red Dawn. And Patrick Swayze is the epitome of a real man. Do it, son!

5. To Wong Foo: Even in a dress, Patrick Swayze can still kick your ass. And is it weird that I still find him incredibly attractive while donning lipstick?

What's your favorite Patrick Swayze movie moment?

Image via Nevada Tumbleweed/Flickr

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