Why Lady Gaga Refused to Tour With 'Grade-A Disaster' Kanye

Coming soon to a bookshelf near you: all the dish that's fit to print (and some that probably isn't) about Lady Gaga. Yes, it's another celebrity biography, filled with red-hot exclusive information that's either going to BLOW YOUR MIND ... or, you know, be a giant wankfest.

RadarOnline.com is featuring some excerpts from Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, which is due to hit shelves on Tuesday, September 14. Are you ready for this, friends? I sure hope you didn't pay for the full seat, because you'll only need the EDGE.


She called off a tour with Kanye. According to a source in West's camp, Kanye West was considered "… a grade-A disaster, a mess. If his name is on it, no one will touch it." Lady Gaga supposedly cancelled her headlining tour with Kanye last summer because of West's bad rep.

She uses crazy fashion to distract from her natural appearance. The book claims she wasn't considered pretty enough to be a pop star, and hence the Gaga image was conceived.

She slept with her female assistant. Gaga apparently hates to be alone, and often asked former assistant Angela Ciemmy to shower and snuggle with her. Angela, who was married to Gaga's tour manager, says she frequently slept with Gaga—although not sexually. Angela claims she assumed a sort of older sister role to Gaga, and they bonded over girl time. She said,

"We literally...we would do our make-up together every morning and get ready for bed together at night."

She's a control freak. Gaga's described as controlling and passive aggressive, supposedly firing over 150 people in the last two years. Extremely driven, she did hundreds of cuts of her first hit "Just Dance" so that almost every radio station in the U.S. had a version with their call letters in the song.

Well! I don't know about you guys, but I just cannot believe the dirt in this book! I mean, my god, where can I buy this smoking gun? She's ... this is ... I just ...

Yeah, actually, color me unsurprised by any of this. Really, if you're going to do one of those unauthorized behind-the-scenes biographies, at least include some juicy gossip. Maybe something about the celebrity in question getting drunk and performing fellatio on a goat. I'm just saying, because hearing she may have possibly made a business decision not to tour with Kanye because most of the world thought he was a total douchebag? Not exactly mind-blowing news.

The goat thing, however, would be. Free tip from me to you, biographers.

Will you be reading this latest Lady Gaga tell-all book?

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