Cut Taylor Swift Some Slack -- 'Innocent' Was Indeed Innocent

Taylor Swift at VMAsRiding on the coattails of last year's VMA "oh my god" moment, Taylor Swift sang a song about Kanye, and Kanye rapped about douchebags.

I'm assuming they hugged it out backstage and everyone is happy. Now can we please get over it?

Oh, no, we can't. Because what people are talking about now is how Taylor's "Innocent" performance did not have such an innocent motive.


The performance began with a lovely little montage of last year's iconic "imma gonna let you finish" speech, zooming in on Taylor's horrified face, and then followed up with a little diddy with lyrics like "Who you are is not where you’ve been, He is still an innocent. It's OK, life is a tough crowd. Thirty-two and still growing up now."

Causing eyes to roll around the nation, before the final guitar string had strung, people were already bashing Taylor, saying that her performance was simply her being about as self-righteous as Kanye was a year ago, and milking the whole situation for as much as it's worth.

Somehow people seem to be forgetting that she is only 20 years old, and was 19 at the time that her golden moment was stolen from her. How would you feel if something that you've worked your entire life for was finally being rewarded, and someone much older than you ruined it? I'll tell ya what I would've done -- run off stage crying and probably not resurface until the following spring. Sure it boosted her popularity and caused us to talk about her for at least another year (this article being proof), but that was a moment that she'll never have. I'm sure that if you asked Taylor if she could have had that moment or the popularity she gained from it, she would have picked the former.

She's so young, and, if you ask me, she has handled the seemingly long and drawn out situation with grace. And it's been long and drawn out simply because of the media (and Kanye's consistent apologies), not Taylor.

Her performance was sweet and sincere, and I'm sure, in her mind, the best way to show her forgiveness. What's so bad about that?

Though she probably should have worn shoes ... ick.

What did you think of Taylor's performance?


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