Taylor Swift Owes Kanye West Big Time

Okay, I know this may not be a popular opinion, but here goes anyway: While Taylor Swift may be deserving of her current accolades for last night's poignant little ballad that oh-so-cleverly absolved Kanye of his 2009 VMA crimes, I hope her next move involves practicing her pucker and placing it directly where it belongs.

Which is to say, right on Kanye's ass.

See, here's the thing. Before Kanye stormed the stage during last year's VMAs and delivered his now-famous I'ma Let U Finish line, Taylor Swift was just another pretty face who could hold a tune. I'm not saying she didn't have talent—she was the best-selling album artist of 2008, after all—but Kanye permanently altered her career trajectory. In one completely rude, attention-grabbing moment, he transformed her from That One Blonde Chick Who Sings or Acts or Whatever to Taylor Swift. Whether we followed up her name with "that poor, poor girl" or not, the point is, we knew her name.

Even those of us who didn't buy her album in 2008.

So we all felt horrible sorry for her, having her special moment—probably the only one like its kind she was going to have, if the music industry's history with pretty blonde girls is any indicator—ruined by some jackass who apparently had a boner for both Beyoncé and microphone-hogging. And we all thought Kanye was a giant dick and we talked about that for a really long time, which helped keep Taylor relevant. 

Then her album Fearless won album of the year at the Grammys in February, beating out Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. Would this have happened without Kanye? I say hell no. 

Last night 20-year-old Taylor delivered a sanctimonious performance, milking the Kanye moment for all it was worth (I mean, seriously: she played footage of her 2009 acceptance speech next to her while she sang lines like "Thirty-two and still growing up now; who you are is not what you did"? Ah, subtlety, the lost art). I say good on her for knowing how to work the cash cow, but now she needs to move on. 

Time to nut up, Swift, and prove you deserve your stardom for something other than a single controversial moment that happened 12 months ago. Either that, or start singing some songs about how you owe Kanye a few royalties for the past year.

What do you guys think? Would Taylor Swift be as famous without the Kanye incident?

Image via MTV.com

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