'Entourage' Finale Recap: Vince Implodes

Vincent chaseThe season finale of Entourage didn't disappoint. There were some scenes that were ridiculous — like Minka Kelly saying she had a boyfriend when we all know she is engaged to Derek Jeter, not just dating; and really, is Eminem going to be throwing punches when he has his bodyguards there to do it for him? I don't think so!

That aside, Entourage is a show that is really all about Vince, and we certainly got our fill of Vince tonight. The other story lines were toned down so the focus could be on the big-time movie star who brought his friends from Queens to LA, to ride on his coattails. Of course we care about the rest of the crew — E, Turtle, Drama, and super-agent Ari Gold have got us ridiculously invested in their lives ... but without Vince, none of us would be here.

So tonight, the drug-induced crash-course Vince had laid out for himself finally sent him head first into a wall — where he burst into fiery flames.

**Spoilers Ahead**


When we saw Vince's quart-size ziploc bag of cocaine last episode, we knew he was going down. And so he did. I'll admit I was disappointed he wasn't invited to participate in Sasha's porn when he went to the set to visit her ... but as it turns out it was only a cover shoot. Though Vince did give us something at that shoot — he showed us he can be a total ass! Was it really necessary to put down Sasha's co-star after asking to meet him? Like that poor schlub wouldn't rather be a big movie star like Vince. Come on man, try to at least keep it professional, porn or not, this guy is just trying to earn a paycheck! Also, how badly did I want to smack Vince when he got all whiny and kept threatening Sasha that if she let him leave then he wouldn't be coming back? Good. Go. None of us can stand her anyway and you are acting like such a little girl. However, I must say, I was impressed that Sasha stood strong in order to keep her independence, because I most certainly would have just let him take care of me if I were in her shoes.

As for how the intervention went with Vince ... I thought Drama said he watched the A&E show. That was possibly the worst intervention EVER! Still, we got the line of the night from that scene when Vinny walked out on them saying, "I know you all need me. I'll let you know when I need you."

After leaving his crew in the dust, Vince checks himself into a hotel, does a couple more lines of coke, and then makes a complete imbecile of himself at Eminem's party. That's where the punch comes in ... I guess that's what you get for instigating Eminem with a line like "What are you too main stream to fight your own fights Marshal?" Cue beat-down.

The hospital scene was expected but well-done. I only wish everyone would wipe those surprised looks off their faces when the cop pulled out that bag of coke. Really people, what did you expect? I am thinking one of his boys will try to take the fall for him — or he will claim he'd been partying with Paris Hilton and all will be forgiven.

It is worth noting, if you didn't stick around to listen to the Eminem song "Going Through Changes" while the credits rolled, you should check it out ... it was perfect for this episode.

As for the rest of the crew ...

E's future father-in-law invited him out to dinner to tell him he thinks he sucks at his job and he wants him to sign a pre-nup before he marries his daughter. What? E's rightfully pissed and calls Scott to tell him he's in on the coup. That goes nowhere though because it was that call that gets him to the hospital to see Vince.

Drama was all about lil bro tonight ... and E's secretary.

Turtle's story line is killing me. Who cares about Avion? I suppose his need for investors helped the show get some celeb cameos in, which was fun. I love that New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard completely blew him off.

Ari, as suspected, was put on suspension by Mrs. Ari when she told him by phone that she "needed a break," as he stood in a house filled with guests for her surprise party. The thing is, no matter how much of a jerk he is to everyone else, I really love him and felt so bad that she left him there looking like a big loser. I guess Christina Aguilera was the consulation prize for his guests since the guest of honor clearly wasn't showing up — not so bad if you ask me! Also, you really have to give it up to John Cleese for making the call early that Ari should cancel the party because of the tension in the room. And though I know this likely (thankfully) won't creep up in future episodes — I sure hope Cleese doesn't marry that obnoxious 30-something he's dating.

Were you happy with how Entourage closed out the season?


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