'True Blood' Finale Recap: Check Out the Cojones on Compton!

The season 3 finale of True Blood brought less gore but more thrills, and it was Bill Compton who held the biggest surprises of the evening for me.


The usually demure (and kind of wimpy) vampire spent most of the night acting like a rabid beast, whipping his fangs out at little provocation, challenging Sookie when she questioned his decision to give her to Russell last week -- "I saved you ... again," he told her.


But truly, it was when he tried to encase Eric in concrete for 100 years (at least) and then again when he challenged the Vampire Queen that I started to salivate a bit at his sudden edge. Who knew he was so smoldering? Who knew he was no longer the sweet little Southern gentleman we have come to love?

Sexy, sexy.


After that, the episode ran like an advertisement for next season. A quick preview of what's in store for next season: 

Arlene: Arlene looks like she's going to carry the pregnancy, but according to Lafayette's vision (Lafayette can apparently see things now), the baby has a bit much of serial killer Rene in him or her.

Sam and Tara: Tara has some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder and, really, who could blame her? She has been pushed around by almost every kind of supernatural creature known to man (and some that are not).

Her best friend is a fairy with a vamp boyfriend. The men she sleeps with are either evil vampires, shapeshifters (Sam) with dark pasts, or guys possessed by demons. It isn't so great for Tara, especially this episode where she walked in on her mom boinking the reverend. I would say that will factor big next season, but married man with woman in love? That story is old. Maybe she will kill him. That would be good TV.

Meanwhile sweet Sam is lost and in his place is evil Sam who last night seemed to shoot is own brother. The very brother he has been trying to save. This plot line is just impossible for me to follow. Why the abrupt shift? I needed more than they gave me and I hope sweet Sam returns in Season 4.

Hoyt and Jessica: These incredibly immature lovebirds are going to get it on for all eternity in their little love nest, it seems. Their new place, however, seems to have its own thoughts. I got the sense that ghosts were afoot from the creepy doll in their living room, but maybe I have just seen too many horror movies.

Jason Stackhouse: Having been dissed and dismissed by Crystal, his were-panther friend, it seems Jason is somehow now responsible for a family of inbred meth dealers. I hope Crystal was really good in bed because he's about to pay dearly in Season 4 for his brief dalliance.

Sookie Stackhouse: She played her tough girl role well this time telling all vampires to get lost, but I found myself getting a little bored with the schtick. How many times can a person hear her kick Bill out (and call him by his full name) before it gets old? I kind of hope they retire this storyline next season and it looks like they might since Sookie appeared to have run off with the the fairies. Where did she go once that bright light flashed? I guess we'll have to watch and see.

I've been dying to see Alcide again and I wasn't disappointed last night. Unfortunately his role lasted all of two seconds and was about as superfluous as the add-on Jabba scenes in Star Wars: A New Hope. Dude, we got it. You're a hunk. But if you aren't going to have sex with Sookie, step aside so I can keep hoping Eric will.

Eric, for his part, went a little nutso last night, seeing Godric as he killed Russell. I was disappointed in my little smoldering sack of evil when he allowed Godric to penetrate his plan to kill Russell. Luckily my love was redeemed later when he revealed he had only done so to make Russell's punishment -- 100 years of burning agony encased in concrete -- all that much worse.

Blah, blah, peace. Blah, blah, forgiveness. Blah, blah, Godric. Revenge is so much sweeter and hatred and anger so much more consuming than the sweeter emotions. Forgiveness is boring, but quietly furious Eric is smokin'.

High points of last night's episode included the scene where Sookie grinds Russell's lover's remains in the garbage disposal and laughs maniacally. Another came when Tara cut off all her hair and ended up with a curly, short bob.

Lower points came from the fact that more questions were raised than answered. Is Jesus a good witch or a bad witch? What is Hoyt's mother going to do with that gun? Of course, that's par for the course in True Blood finales. I can't complain.

Witches will play a big next season or so Alan Bell told us in an epilogue last night, but we have to wait nearly a whole year before we can dig into it.

Now where am I going to get my vampire fix? Because it sure is not that wretched Twilight ....

What did you think of the Season 3 finale?


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