Celebs Behaving Badly: No Endorsement Deal for You!

axe body sprayAXE body spray company is threatening to the pull the plug on its partnership with rapper T.I. over his recent ecstasy arrest. Representatives released this statement:

"We are troubled by this arrest ... AXE is committed to respecting and upholding the law and promoting a positive image to consumers ... We are reviewing our promotional activities."

The logic here makes sense in theory: The company, which markets its products to teenage boys, wants to distance itself from a less than stellar role model. But in reality, are a rash of AXE-drenched teens going to start popping E just because T.I. (allegedly!) did? Or, a more likely and serious scenario: Will AXE become the preferred scent of ravers everywhere?

Some studies suggest that nearly 75 percent of Americans say celebrity scandals do not impact the way they view a celeb-endorsed brand. Yet, celebs get canned all the time for bad behavior. Here's a retrospective of some of the most notorious deals gone bad:


In 2005, Kate Moss got dumped from Chanel, H&M, and Burberry after she was filmed snorting cocaine. Of note, however, is her subsequent "cocaine honeymoon" -- referring to the time just one year later when she nailed 18 modeling contracts including none other than Chanel and Burberry.

Kellogg canned Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps after he was photographed inhaling from a bong. But that didn't stop him from bagging lucrative deals with Under Armour and Speedo later on.

The "Got Milk" campaign axed the Olsen twins after Mary Kate checked into rehab for a "health-related issue" (read: eating disorder). They've more than recovered since then.

Madonna may have been fired from Pepsi for her scandalous "Like a Prayer" video, but more than 20 years later, she seems to be doing okay for herself -- is there anything that Madonna doesn't endorse now?

And who can forget Tiger Woods? When news of his infidelities hit, Woods' endorsement deals began to crumble as companies like AT&T, Accenture, and Gatorade dropped the golf star. But that hasn't stopped him from still being the richest sportsman in the world.

The takeaway from these celebrity scandals? T.I. may lose his AXE deal, but there will be another multimillion-dollar opportunity just around the corner. Because if one thing is for sure in the entertainment world, it's that we're all addicted to buying things just because an overpaid celebrity tells us to.

Do you think T.I. should be fired from AXE?


Image via TheAXEeffect.com

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