James Franco Is Not Gay; Is Taylor Lautner?

Is he or isn't he?
James Franco
wants you to know that he's not gay. Not in a paranoid, how-can-anyone-say-that-about-me kind of way. It's just that he's not.

The actor tells The Advocate that while he does take on many gay roles, it's merely because homosexual relationships haven't been portrayed on film that much for all that long -- and that interests him. Hmmm ... so I guess actors aren't exactly like the parts they play? Imagine that?

Gay rumors have dogged celebrities forever. Sometimes they're true (Ricky Martin) and sometimes we're still not sure (Tom Cruise).  

But many rumors seem to come from out of the blue and are just plain stupid:


Justin Timberlake Just because the artist's former N'Sync bandmate and openly out buddy Lance Bass thought he was doesn't mean that he is.

Taylor Lautner The Twilight hottie was labeled when he was spotted partying at a famous homosexual director's house. Apparently gay folks are not allowed to mix socially with straight people. Who knew?

Tom Hanks Because he so convincingly played a gay man in Philadelphia. Sigh. That acting thing again.  

Vin Diesel The fact that he's never seen dating anyone fuels the gay rumor mill. Turns out he's just extremely guarded and prefers to date in Europe where he's not going to be as easily recognized. (Actually that sounds pretty lame. Not so sure about this one.)

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Reportedly they both got drunk one night and made out. And Gwyneth Paltrow saw them and threatened to blow their cover. Uh-huh. (I think this one is hilarious. I always knew that Gwyneth was a buzzkill.)

Janet Jackson A story in the National Enquirer quoted a friend of her second husband Rene Elizondo as saying that she has a desire for pretty women and an insatiable sexual appetite. And my ex-boyfriend's cousin's hairdresser's dog walker said so too.

Oprah Winfrey Two words: Gayle King. Ladies, you've been warned. Do not have a best friend.

Will Smith An anonymous Hollywood madame claims that he called her for business -- male business. Don't let the fact that she's anonymous sway you. She's a Madame to the Stars -- she must know!

Honestly I couldn't care less whether or not my favorite actors or singers are gay or straight and in the end it's none of my business. As someone who is staunchly pro-gay rights, I do wish that all homosexuals and lesbians would come charging out of the closet, but understand that many have their reasons for not doing so. 

What about you? Do you care about the sexual orientation of your favorite celebrities?

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