MTV VMAs: 10 Celebs Most Likely to Be Skewered by Chelsea Handler

chelseahandlerHilarious E! host Chelsea Handler brutally disses celebrities on a nightly basis on Chelsea Lately. So, you can bet her hosting gig Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards will be a no-holds barred affair. No celebrity is safe from the wrath of Chelsea, but some are particularly susceptible ...

Here's who we think Chelsea is most likely to eat alive at this year's VMAs.



The Jersey Shore Cast

These kids are always an easy target. And because Chelsea has mentioned in the past that she thinks the boys -- namely The Situation -- are particularly pathetic (although she has taken to Snooki), it's almost certain that they'll end up with a mention or seven. Plus, Chelsea is a Jersey girl herself, so she has even more material to pull from.



When asked if she'd be seducing any rappers after the show, Chelsea responded that she's open to just about anything -- except Kanye. "Not if he's going to wear those glasses." It's safe to say nearly everyone is expecting her to disembowel him for his Taylor Swift stint last year.


Angelina Jolie

Chelsea's made no secret that she's Team Aniston and has spent a lot of air time lately trying to convince us that she and Jen are BFFs. Chelsea's more recent insults pointed at Jolie have included the words "home-wrecker" and "evil" ... Let's just say, it's a good thing you're in Pakistan, Angie, because it's likely that Chelsea will be taking aim at you.


John Mayer

Despite the fact that he dated her BFF, Chelsea hates -- and I mean HATES -- John Mayer and makes fun of him every chance she gets. In this fine clip, she says she liked him -- until he started talking. Let's hope there's more of where that came from.


The Jonas Brothers

It's very possible (yet ultimately unlikely) that Chelsea hates The Jonas Brothers and their "fluff" and "nonsense" even more than Mr. Mayer.



Chelsea had some choice words for Beyonce after the Grammys. Most were NSFW, however, the gist is that she wanted the performer to make like Kanye and take a break already. It's likely that Beyonce will pick up an award or two for "Telephone" (with Lady Gaga), and I shudder to think what Chelsea will say to that.


Kristen Stewart/Megan Fox

Celebrities should be on their best and, more important, smartest behavior Sunday night; otherwise Chelsea will relegate them to "dumb camp" like she recently did with Megan Fox and K-Stew. Thank god this is the VMAs and not the Movie Awards.


Michelle (Bombshell) McGee

Michelle and Chelsea had a vicious Twitter/Facebook war at the beginning of the year. And it might just deserve a mention in Chelsea's routine. Let's hope no one invited Michelle to the VMAs lest an all-out smack-down ensue.


Kate Gosselin

Instead of insulting the reality mom like she usually does, Chelsea could simply convince Gosselin to star in a skit that skewers herself (you know, like the Emmys?).



Any fan of Chelsea's knows the person she's most likely to make fun of is ... herself.


Are you a Chelsea Handler fan? How do you think she'll do at the VMAs?


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