Rich Cronin of LFO Dies at 35

Rich Cronin, former lead singer for the boy band LFO (or Lyte Funky Ones), passed away today after a long battle with leukemia, according to TMZ. He was 35.

The band was best known for the 1999 hit "Summer Girls". The lyrics, "I like girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch" were written by Cronin and are probably still stuck in your head.


Rich Cronin FoundationSuch a sad example of a vibrant life taken way too early by cancer. Throughout his battle the singer, who formerly dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, was dedicated to helping others fight the disease and founded the Rich Cronin Hope Foundation.

Cronin was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia in 2005.

While in remission in 2006, he told Entertainment Weekly:

''I am truly thankful for the success I had,'' he says. ''And if it happens again, that'd be really nice. I'm just that same guy writing pop songs to make people happy. And I still only like girls in Abercrombie & Fitch.''

I hope there are plenty of them wherever he is now.

RIP, Rich Cronin.

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