Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Would Make An Insanely Cute Baby

Rumors are flying that Halle Berry is hooking up with Olivier Martinez, her sexy Dark Tide costar. In the movie—due to be released in 2011—Halle plays an adventurer drawn to close encounters with Great White Sharks; in real life, she appears to be drawn to canoodling with Martinez in his Paris hometown.

PEOPLE reports the two have been spotted making out and exploring the city together, and of course there's the requisite grainy photo of the two of them either giving each other a totally platonic Euro-friendly kiss goodbye, or indulging in a full-scale tongue-hockey saliva swap, depending on what you want to believe.
Personally, I hope the rumors are true, and I'll tell you why: Halle and Olivier would make the cutest baby ever. Second only in cuteness to Halle's daughter Nahla with Gabriel Aubry, that is. 

I mean, think about it. Halle clearly has a gift for making beautiful babies when she hooks up with dudes who have fantastically chiseled cheekbones, right? Olivier may not be on quite the same hotness scale as Gabriel, but I still think he looks pretty damn fine.

If Halle + Gabriel = Nahla, I'd like to see the genetic results of Halle + Olivier. Maybe a boy this time?

Okay, I know it sounds like I just want to breed gorgeous Halle with model-perfect men in order to enjoy the retina-searingly-cute photos of their offspring, but that is TOTALLY not . . . um, actually, yeah, that's pretty much true.

Halle, the world needs more adorable Berry babies. But maybe we could cut back on the jealousy-inducing maternity images this time, because that shit just made me feel bad.

Do you think Halle and Olivier make a good-looking couple?

Image via brava_67
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