Pointless Jerry Lee Lewis Film to Star Natalie Portman?

jerry lee lewis filmNatalie Portman is making news today for her upcoming roles on the big screen. One, her role in the sci-fi drama, Gravity, which sounds exciting. The other, a role in a Jerry Lee Lewis biopic by Terence Malick, which sounds like I've heard it somewhere before.

Malick and Brad Pitt are reportedly working on a new film about the songwriter behind "Great Balls of Fire." You know, because the 1989 film, Great Balls of Fire, just isn't enough Jerry Lee Lewis.


Dennis Quaid and Winona Ryder will always be the cousin-marrying musical couple for me. Portman and Pitt are a dynamic duo, but maybe they should turn their talents to other pop stars who have yet to receive a film based on the exciting times of superstardom. Here are a few suggestions:


Lindsay & Michael: The Music Behind the Lohans

Brad as Michael and Natalie as Lindsay is box office boffo. Sure Lindsay spends more time behind bars than in the recording studio, but that's where the drama lives, baby! The soundtrack will be weak, but the crotch flashing will make up for any deficiencies.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand: The Wedding

From California Gurl to virginal bride, Portman could capture the magic of the Perry/Brand union perhaps better than the couple themselves. I'm always up for hearing Brad Pitt's British accents, and maybe we could do this film in real-time creating a super meta media event surrounding the weirdo nuptials.

Karen and Richard Carpenter: The Cautionary Tale

We do have the genius Superstar film by Todd Haynes using Barbie dolls as actors, but Portman could really put her heart and soul into portraying the anorexic Karen Carpenter on the big screen. Brad Pitt as her ineffectual, not-quite-as-talented older brother will make us fall in love with "Close to You" all over again.

Britney and Kevin: From Chaotic to Carpool

A sublime film that begins as soon as baby Sean Preston pops out. The gritty side of pop teen romance can be campily illustrated with a proper execution of Britney's soundtrack. We'll hear "Oops, I Did It Again" at the birth of Jayden James. And the dissolution of the marriage is set to "Toxic." I smell Oscar noms for Pitt and Portman!


What pop stars would you like to see on the silver screen?


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