Kanye West is Still Sorry -- Do We (or Taylor) Even Care?

kanye westKanye West is still hopping into the confessional, also known as Twitter, and rambling about how sorry he is for his VMA outburst during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. Which, might I add, happened a year ago.

Taylor seems to be over it, I'm over it ... in fact, I'm pretty sure the whole world is over it. And this isn't something that needs to be memorialized every year.

After going on an apologetic rant that sounded more like a script from VH1's Behind The Music (and those statuses only hold 140 characters, meaning, this is a long ass multi-tweet rant), he did the unthinkable ...


He started following Taylor's twitter.

She's now one of the two sole people he follows, the other being Justin (ugh) Bieber. But she has yet to follow him back. Oh snap!

Kanye West Twitter

Kanye West Twitter

Seriously, the guy goes on and on, this is just an oh-so-short sampling of his confessional. And just in case his Twitter apologies weren't enough, he exclaims that he wrote a song for her and wants her to have it ... how sweet. So, is that like, a piece of paper with lyrics scribbled down? Maybe a mixed CD? I'm curious as to what "having" a song actually consists of.

Are YOU over the Kanye-Taylor drama?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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