Top 5 Ridiculous Celebrity Drug-Bust Excuses

Nicole Richie's come a long way from being The Simple Life star who got popped for a DUI in 2006, then claimed the Vicodin she'd taken before driving the wrong way on a California freeway was for menstrual cramps. (No word on the medicinal purpose of the pot she'd also smoked.)

These days she's owning up to her past mistakes, and sounding a hell of a lot more grown up than her previous party-girl friends.

She's bucking the system, because admitting when you effed up definitely isn't the Hollywood way. Check out these top 5 celebrity drug-bust excuses from the past and present:

Paris Hilton: I, Like, Totally Thought That Coke Was Gum!
What, that cocaine? No, I've never seen it before. I mean, I thought it was gum. Actually, that's not even my purse. Also, the stuff in the purse is part mine and part my friend's. Wait, what? Sorry, I am just so totally WASTED right now, you know?

Jeremy London: I Was Only High Because I Was Kidnapped and Forced By Gunpoint. You Guys, I'm SERIOUS.
Yeahhhh. Well, if it's true I'm really sorry because that must have sucked, but it's pretty hard to believe a "I was kidnapped and forced to do drugs" excuse from a drug addict. Also, there's the part where this exact story happened on an episode of Six Feet Under

Tatum O'Neal: I Was Researching a Role and That's Why I Was Buying Crack. No, Wait, I Was Sad About My Dog.
Oh, girl

Lindsay Lohan: Those Weren't Even My Pants!
Cops found half a gram of coke in La Lohan's pants pocket during a 2007 arrest, and Lindsay promptly sold her friend down the river. "I am wearing a pair of borrowed jeans from a friend/assistant …" she wrote in her statement. Sure you were, honey.

Jerry Hall: I've Never Seen These 20 Pounds of Marijuana Before in My Life.
Jerry Hall, better known as Mick Jagger's ex-wife, was found with a rather large amount of weed in Barbados in 1987. Faced with the incriminating evidence, she claimed she accidentally picked up someone else's bag at the airport. Hey, who hasn't done that, right? All those black drug-concealing suitcases totally look the same.

Is it just me, or do you respect a celebrity about a thousand times more when they just admit they broke the law?

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