Internet Clamors for Robert Schimmel Photo: Why?

Sadly, comedian Robert Schimmel, 60, passed away Friday after suffering injuries in a car crash.

His 19-year-old daughter was driving the car and swerved to miss an accident. She and his 11-year-old son, who was also in the car, are said to be OK, while Schimmel was unable to overcome his injuries.

The comedy world has been mourning the loss of Schimmel who frequently performed on The Howard Stern Show and HBO specials.

Here's one of his most recent performances:


In addition to worldwide praise of Schimmel's comedic genius by other comedians, the  Internet is abuzz trying to find photos from the accident. says they have a photo, but its "content is really disturbing".

Kudos to them for not publishing it.

Robert SchimmelBut still it's been the top search topic all day as people race to see the gruesome details. It happens every time there's a tragedy -- from plane crashes to deathbed photographs -- people want to see the gore and the devastation, but why?

Is it to make us feel better that we haven't ever experienced anything like it, or to catch a glimpse of our own mortality? Or is it just a morbid fascination with blood and gore that's all-too-prevalent in our society?

Whatever the reason, I hope -- as I do in each case -- that they're not published anywhere. There's simply nothing positive to come out of anyone viewing them, and I can only imagine how horrible for his family to have them pop up randomly around the Internet.

Schimmel should be remembered for the funny guy and fighter he was and not for his tragic demise.

RIP, Robert Schimmel.

Why do you think people are so obsessed with seeing pictures of tragedies?


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