Michael Lohan on Maury Povich? You Are NOT the Father!

Michael LohanFather of the Year Michael Lohan is dealing with some more baby daddy drama. He's battling allegations that he fathered an illegitimate daughter with a woman by the name of Kristi Kaufmann 15 years ago.

So, who does one turn to in such dire need of advice?

The great and powerful Maury Povich, of course!


Maury specializes in the he said/she said "You my baby's daddy!" "No I ain't!" drama on his somehow long-living self-titled talk show Maury (bringing you deliciously white trash paternity testing since 1991).

According to TMZ, Kaufmann is demanding child support and went as far as changing the kid's birth certificate so that the child can legally be related to the Lohan gang, since that will clearly give the him positive street cred as he drunkenly stumbles through life.

So to combat these baby daddy accusations, Lohan has been talking to Maury producers about coming on the show for one of his infamous paternity tests.

Oh, please let this happen! It's been years since I watched this show I've never watched this show but I would go out and buy a DVR just to see the look on Lohan's face when Maury says, "Aaaannnnddd you are NOT the father!"

OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! **Crowd goes wild**

(I'm pretty sure it'd be a look similar to the goofy one he's wearing in the picture.)

I don't care who you are, that's good TV.

Even if all your TV morals say otherwise, admit it, you'd watch this episode of Maury, right?


Image via John W. Ferguson/Getty

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