Ping Proves Apple 'Likes' Facebook

PingApple has joined the social networking game with Ping this week.

Hey Apple, do we really need another Facebook?

Sure, there's a host of other social networks out there (hello CafeMom!), but the addition to iTunes 10 software comes straight out of the Zuckerburg playbook.


Now you can "comment" on music.

"Like" it.

And fan your favorite musicians. 

Because apparently buying their music wasn't clue enough you were a fan who "liked" their beats.

The iTunes ranking has displaced radio playlists as marker of how popular a musician is, so excuse us for thinking Ping is redundant.

You have to be in the iTunes store to get involved -- making this less social network, more sales driver. Which, in turn, ups the iTunes ranking, not to mention the ka-ching for Apple.

Arguably that's the hook, the originality of Ping. But what are celebs, businesses, and random groups doing on Facebook if not selling themselves to the highest clicker?

There could be one distinct advantage to following Facebook. With iTunes' flawed track record for keeping private information away from prying eyes, what better model to learn from than Facebook's own privacy travails?

You need look no further than Gaga's run against the president to prove musicians are hip to Facebook. The question: will they embrace Ping for its similarities or is this going to be another MySpace?


Image via Apple

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