Justin Bieber Is Ruining My Life

Justin BieberI swear, Justin Bieber is about as cocky as 16-year-olds come. With his sideswept bangs and "Baby, Baby" lyrics, the little punk is already casting himself in roles for iconic films. The Biebs has said he'd "welcome" playing the lead role in a remake of Grease alongside Miley Cyrus.



They were pushing it when they did the sequel (Michelle Pfeiffer!), but to completely redo the original, especially starring them. Ah hell nah.

Though there is no official word of a production plan in process, my biggest fear (yes, possibly biggest fear) is that it will turn into one of those Britney/Glee type promotions and the next thing we know, the Biebsters will be demanding to see Justin thrusting his hips to "Greased Lightning." Remember what happened with the kid that crossed Justin's path? Or the Kim Kardashian rumors? You cannot deny the power of Bieber fans.

Then all hell will break loose as we see a teeny-bopper version of one of the most beloved films of all time, ruining it forever. Here are reasons why Justin just simply cannot play Danny Zuko:

  • He doesn't have the pecks to fill out those tight greaser shirts.
  • He's barely old enough to drive -- how would he do the racing scene?
  • No one swings their hips like John Travolta. No one.
  • Sexiness is key. Need I say more?
  • Have you heard the lyrics in "Greased Lightning"? Teens should not be saying those words (yeah right).

Would you like to see a remake of Grease, much less a remake starring Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus?


Image via jake.auzzie/Flickr

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