Apple Announcement: You Don't Have to Get an iPhone After All

Here's everything you need to know to sound smart, cool, and tech-savvy when talking about the big Apple announcement earlier today:

First, the highlight of the day: The new iPod touch -- Apple's most popular iPod and the No. 1 portable game player -- is updated with FaceTime, Retina Display, the ability to record HD video, and Game Center. Essentially, this is great news for people who want the iPhone 4 -- without the phone.

Look how pretty and skinny it is:

ipod touch


Other points of interest: The new iPod Shuffle has buttons and comes in five colors.

The iOS 4.2 for the iPad, available in November, will bring everything that’s on the iPhone iOS 4 to the iPad -- along with wireless printing and AirPlay streaming audio, video, and photos over WiFi. In other words, this upgrade might make the iPad an actual viable computer replacement for some people.

And, the new iPod Nano (below) is itty-bitty with 24-hour battery life and a touchscreen. Aw.

ipod nano


Finally, the new version of Apple TV is one-fourth the size of the previous version. It's a rental-based system -- eliminating the need for storage -- with new releases costing $4.99 and TV shows costing $0.99. It also includes Netflix and YouTube streaming along with iTunes music and photos from your computer, iPhone, and iPad. And the price? $99. That's $200 less than the old one.

apple tv


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