Kim Kardashian Already Has a Family Plan: Do You?

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian isn't pregnant, yet, but she already knows how many times she plans to carry a bun in her oven.

The magic number is 4.

Good luck with that one Kim.

For every woman I know who walked into pregnancy planning X number of kids, the result after a pregnancy or two is more like X minus 2.


Her faux pas on parenting aside (can you say breastfeeding?), I can't fault her for the wishful thinking.

It may well work out for her.

Then again, she hasn't been pregnant yet.

And this graduate of the seven months of puking, two trips to the ER, and an overdue baby remembers the idealism of the trying to conceive stage.

I was open to maybe two? One baby and one vasectomy later, let's make that X minus one.

The problem isn't always the pregnancy -- there are plenty of "I felt so fabulous, never been better" pregnancies. But for every one of those there are babies who refuse to sleep through the night for two years, moms who spend two years pumping because they can't get the hang of breastfeeding.

And the big one that Kim Kardashian gets a pass on -- facing the cost of this baby. By the estimates, kids cost $286,000 to raise to 18. That's without college.

Plan as much as you want, you don't really feel the pinch until baby is here and peeing her way through dozens of diapers and spitting up on every item of clothing in the dresser.

I used to roll my eyes when mothers told me I just couldn't understand until I'd been there. Come on, stop patronizing me. I'm female. I'm smart. I did the research. That should all count, right?

Yes. And no.

You can only plan your family so far. Then reality takes over. This might be one place where Kim's dreams come true, but like every mother out there, at least one ideal or more will have to fall by the wayside.

Do you have a number in mind?

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