Elin Nordegren Is Doing What?

elin nordegren opening mental health facilityElin Nordegren reportedly received $100 million dollars in a divorce settlement from Tiger Woods, plus child support. So why isn't the blond Swede back home in her chalet, home-schooling her children with the support of a highly educated staff and enjoying her newly found free time?

Apparently Nordegren wants to give back, and is instead finishing up a degree in psychology and using her millions to open a mental health facility focusing on eating disorders and depression.


I'm sure Nordegren is intimately familiar with depression, and maybe her model thin body is a result of a disorder. Regardless, she will be able to empathize with her patients after struggling through what was probably the toughest time in her life following the cheating revelations of Tiger.

Of course if she is finishing up her degree this December, as reported, she must have already been in school. Maybe this plan was in the works all along, now it's just being talked about since she took home the massive payout from the philandering golfer.

As stated before, I would probably make a different choice. In fact, one of these options would help me get over the humiliation of my husband pal'ing around with strippers and truck stop waitresses. Elin, have you considered?:

  • Eating, praying and loving
  • Throwing lavish "singles only" dinner parties
  • Lots of well-publicized family vacations that Tiger is not invited to attend
  • Hiring more sky writers to ruin Tiger's golf tournaments

What would you do with $100 million?


Image via SplashNews

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