'Entourage' Recap: The Problem With Dating a Porn Star

hbo entourage sasha greyOn this week's Entourage, Ari cracks without his BlackBerry, Drama goes bananas constructively, and Turtle is beginning to look like a bit of an idiot. While those guys sort all that out, it's time we had a little heart to heart with Vinnie Chase.

Listen, darling ... your girlfriend is a porn star. A very good and talented one, yes, but this isn't Pretty Woman and she ain't Julia Roberts. She is Sasha Grey, an award-winning adult film sensation that was pegged as the next Jenna Jameson before she could legally drink.


She's a little more dedicated than your standard method actress; she has unsimulated full-penetration sex in movies like Butt Sex Bonanza and Sasha Grey's Anatomy and makes a lot of money in the, um, process. Per her latest offer, she's bringing in $200K a pop. Well, not exactly a pop considering that her next feature is a five-guy gang bang. To lay people like me -- and probably you, but who knows? -- such a proposal would be deemed gross, especially given the facial hair trends and, shall we say, advanced maturity of the men in the adult film industry. In dating as in pornography, all the hot ones are gay.

Not hot, though? Vince's new nose candy habit, and his possessive tendencies towards his uniquely liberated sweetheart.

Vince tells her he loves her over a romantic (and coke-enthused) dinner at a fancy restaurant, the same restaurant where Ari calls Amanda Daniels (whose cleavage did, indeed, look fabulous in that red satin number) a whore. But Amanda is just another working girl in Hollywood, and hardly a whore. Sasha, on the other hand? Nope. She's not one either, though Vince does intend to treat her like one. Last week he offered to match her price tag so she wouldn't pursue a career that, I'm sure, most porn stars dream of. This week, he made sure to "mark his territory," as Sasha put it, in the men's bathroom. No, he did not tinkle on the seat.

Look, I'm not making any judgments on porn one way or the other, although I would be apoplectic if a daughter of mine made that her career choice. Good thing I have a son. But seriously. Barring the sad circumstances of most women in the industry, if you are (like Sasha or even 19-year-old Montana Fishburne) legitimately of the mindset that fornicating on screen for a paycheck is for you, chances are not even George Clooney could fuck you out of it.

That being the case, Vinnie doesn't have a shot, let alone a clue. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that once you get in bed with a porn star, you're dealing with every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes across her path. It's a package deal. Either Vince really does love Sasha, porn star and all, or he really is as screwed up as everyone thinks he is.  

What do you think? True love or truly delusional?


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