Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston: The New Heidi and Spencer?

bristol palinPissed off by the headline? Hear me out.

Everywhere you turn these days, Bristol Palin or Levi Johnston -- or sometimes both of them together! -- are making headlines for this, that, and the other. And, just when you think the media attention on them has subsided, either she or he finds a way to jump back into the spotlight -- whether it's because of a new reality show or because they're getting married or not. (Who can ever keep track?)

Palin and Johnston's constant media-grabbing is starting to remind me of another couple who is relentlessly trying to be in the public eye -- Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Do we have another Speidi on our hands? Here are some alarming similarities between the two couples:


Both couples are desperate to be on (reality) TV.

Heidi and Spencer liked their realty TV stint on The Hills so much, they agreed to go I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here -- which, if we're being honest here, made for some excellent TV. Bristol and Levi shopped around for a reality show focusing on their family; but, sadly, no one wanted it. In the end, however, Bristol's wish is about to come true: It was announced yesterday she'll be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars.


Both couples are in roller-coaster relationships.

Are they? Aren't they? You never can tell with Heidi/Spencer/Bristol/Levi.


They're both willing to get naked for the camera.

Well, two out of the four are at least. Levi bared (almost) all for Playgirl earlier this year. And rumor is Heidi's got a sex tape that her classy ex is about to release for all to see.


Both couples are woefully under-qualified for their career pursuits.

Despite wanting to be a pop star, Heidi's singing (if you can call it that) leaves much to be desired. Similarly, unless Bristol has a hidden dancing talent that we don't know about, she's in for a tough time on DWTS. The only one with less qualifications in this crowd is Levi -- who wants to be Mayor of Wasilla. Then again, what does Spencer actually do?

Which couple loves the spotlight more: Bristol/Levi or Heidi/Spencer?


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