10 Sexiest Celebrity Tattoos

angelina jolie entertainment weeklyMore than a few celebrities are sporting seriously bangin' body art, and some sexy stars like Megan Fox even admit to being tattoo addicts. We as voyeurs get to benefit: Even more than designer duds, tattoos are not only an expression of personal style, but they also accentuate sensual curves and sculpted muscles.

Intrigued? We thought so. Check out which celebrities are rocking the hottest ink.


It's the opposite of a secret that Angelina Jolie loves collecting tattoos. Her most prominent ink includes a Buddhist inscription (for her son, Maddox) on her left shoulder blade and a large Bengal tiger on her lower back, which she got to celebrate her Cambodian citizenship.

Rihanna is no stranger to body art. Though her latest tattoo came under fire for having a glaring grammatical mistake, you have to admit her signature cascading stars tattoo down the back of her neck is oh-so-pretty.


rihanna tattoos


Megan Fox's most famous tattoos include a portrait of Marilyn Monroe on her right inner forearm and the inscription, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies" -- which Shakespeare fans might recognize as a line from King Lear -- across her right shoulder blade.

megan fox


David Beckham's body art is almost as well known as his soccer talent. His Jesus On His Way to the Cross tattoo draws even more attention to his sexy abs.

david beckham


Here, Eve shows off her sexy cleavage -- and strategically placed bear paw print tattoos.



Hayden Panettiere has the words, "Vivere senza rimipianti" -- "to live without regrets" in Italian -- running down her left side. Unfortunately, the correct spelling is "rimpianti," but whoever said an extra "i" isn't sexy?

hayen panettiere

Rumor is Eric Dane's wife, Rebecca Gayheart, made him get laser surgery to remove a tattoo of a naked woman that was etched on his arm. However, the bird and heart tattoos over his ripped left shoulder remain.

eric dane


Only when Jessica Alba leans over can we see her tattoo of a bow on her lower back.

jessica alba tattoo


Carey Hart (Pink's husband) likes tattoos so much, he even has his own tattoo company and tattoo-inspired clothing line.

carey hart


Not to be outdone by her husband, Pink herself sports more than a few tattoos including a guardian angel over her left shoulder.



Which star do you think has the sexiest tattoo?


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