Lindsay Lohan & Her Crappy Life: Are Club Owners & Cops to Blame?

lindsay lohan out of rehabLindsay Lohan checked out of in-patient treatment at UCLA after 22 days of her 90-day sentence, which came after the star served only 12 days of her 90-day jail sentence due to "overcrowding" and "good behavior."

The intent of this sentence was to punish Lindsay for breaking the law, and to help her attain and maintain sobriety. By cutting corners, is the legal system saying these laws don't apply? Just playin' about that whole 180-day thing! Even a casual viewer of Sandra Bullock movies knows rehab programs need to last for at least 28 days.

But who are we kidding? If anyone actually gave a damn about Lindsay's health and well-being -- looking at you here, Michael Lohan -- someone would have stepped in a long time ago, when the teenage Lohan was getting wasted all about town.


There's a long held tradition of shaking our heads at teen stars partying until all hours of the night. Yet someone is serving them alcohol. It's not like Lohan could have flashed a fake ID in order to get served at the club. Clearly, these stars don't have any problems breaking the law either:

I'm not taking issue with kids drinking socially under the age of 21 -- I'm a big believer that every adult regulation should start at 18: voting, driving, drinking, and going to war. But I do have a problem with bartenders, bouncers, and undercover cops who are busting the non-famous, while looking the other way when another young Hollywood starlet bellies up to the bar for a lemondrop.

Is it surprising that Lindsay Lohan stayed in Cannes to party, and later was completely shocked in court that she would have to pay the price? After all, she's never had to before.

Do you think celebrities get away with more than your average citizen?


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