Heidi Montag Has Plastic Surgery Remorse

heidiHeidi Montag is (finally) having second thoughts about her plastic surgery. Maybe not all of the 10, count 'em, 10 procedures that she underwent in a single day, but certainly the G-cup implants. Apparently they are so heavy that they're straining her back. (No! Say it ain't so! Shocking!)

Seriously, I feel sorry for this young woman. Anyone who would undergo that many procedures has some serious self-hatred going on.

But the former Hills star isn't the only one to have second thoughts. Many other celebs have gone under the knife to acquire ginormous knockers, only to do an about face and scream, "Take them out!"


Britney Spears, for one, is rumored to have gotten implants as a mere teen. (Um ... where were her parents?) Of course her natural breasts grew and eventually she had to take out the falsies.

Sharon Osbourne has a unique use for her extricated 34-DDs. At last count she had planned to have them made into paperweights for hubby Ozzy's desk. Way to go, Sharon! It's all about recycling!

Courtney Love also is reputed to have toted her old implants home. (Why?) To add insult to injury, it's said that her dog ate one of the now-useless boobs and died. Courtney's agent denies this, claiming that the poor pup chowed down on a "bootleg breast implant" that the musician had in the house. It happens, I guess.

Sharon Osbourne probably sums up the feelings of all these ladies with these words:

"I hate my tits. I want to have the bags taken out."

Would you keep old breast implants?

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